The fact that Chisinau is home to new fewer than seven theaters points to Moldovan's love of the arts. Theaters host a variety of performances from well-known classical dramas, to contemporary pieces, many written by Moldovans, to comedic performances that poke fun at Moldovan society. The thatre season in Moldova starts by the end of summer and runs through end of spring.

In addition, there are theatre and film festivals. At FESTEI theatre groups from many countries perform dramatic, musical, and dance spectacles. Cronograf is the only international documentary film festival hosted by Chisinau.

Tickets are available at the ticket offices of each venue – the below for details – and sometimes online by sites such as, which is also a convenient place to look for what's currently playing. Many performances are also advertized on posters surrounding the open air art market on Stefan cel Mare Bldvd, between the Mihai Eminescu Theater and Organ Hall.

A.P. Chekhov Theater

A.P. Chechov Russian Theatre is specialized in Russian dramatic theater, mostly classical and contemporary productions.

Eugene Ionescu Theater

One of the newest theatres in Moldova, it plays masterpieces of classical drama, but also contemporary pieces by Moldovan writers. Its performances are new and different compared to more tradition venues.

Ginta Latina Theater

Ginta Latin is a theater for children and youth. It is home to performances related to the interests of young people and children.

Licurici Theater

The Republican Puppet Theatre "Licurici" offers performances for children and school students. Classic stories form most of its repertoire.

Luceafarul Theater

Theater actors perform universal, classic, and contemporary plays, as well as new creations of Moldovan and foreign writers.

Mihai Eminescu Theater

Mihai Eminescu Theater is the oldest theater in Moldova. It playsmasterpieces of classical drama, but also contemporary pieces by Moldovan writers.

Satiricus I. L. Caragiale Theater

Theater performances are mostly satirical and humorous pieces by Moldovan writer that poke fun at the problems of Moldovan society.
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