Moldovan honey is all natural and tasty, and learning about how it is made makes for an interesting excursion. In Raciula village, on the grounds of Raciula Monastery, the Stegarescu family operates the Honey House,…

Ceramic Pottery

Traditionally, making ceramic pottery was commonplace in Moldovan households to prepare and preserve traditional cuisine. However, over the years, this tradition was almost lost. Thankfully, artisans, such as Vasile Goncear, are helping to revive the…

Folk Music and Dancing

Moldovans appreciate music and dancing. Almost every celebration includes traditional music, played by entire orchestras or only a few musicians. There are literally hundreds of songs that follow the general tempos of traditional dances such…

Grape Harvesting and Winemaking

Autumn is beautiful in Moldova; and when its fall, it’s time to pick the grapes and make wine. Depending upon the weather, harvesting typically begins in late August and ends in early October. (The end…

Traditional Baking

Moldovan people are very proud of their traditional cuisine, which plays an important role in their daily lives. It is customary to prepare many types of food for important events, and there are special types…

Traditional Easter Egg Painting

Red painted eggs are a symbol of Easter in Moldova and are never missing from the Easter table. This tradition is most characteristic for Moldova and Bucovina, in Romania. Dozens of women in Trebujeni, a…

Wood Carving

Wood carving is a traditional skill found in Moldova, which you can experience during your visit. Wood carving can be learned in several locations in Moldova from local craftsmen.
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