Traveler Conveniences

Toilets / WC / Restrooms

Toilets, often marked as “WC”, are available in most public buildings. Privately maintained facilities, such as those in shopping centers, theaters, museums, etc. are typically cleaner and more comfortable than publicly maintained ones. Toilet facilities are also available at hotels and restaurants – the cleanliness of which depends on the level of the establishment. In busy establishments, it’s possible to enter easily and use the toilet facilities without any difficulty. It is not uncommon for WCs to be fitted with squat toilets (Turkish toilets).Toilets are always free of charge.

In cities and towns outside of Chisinau, as in the capital city, the best toilet facilities can be found at hotels and restaurants. Along the highways, in rural areas, public toilets are virtually non-existent. Newer gas stations may have indoor toilet facilities, but many older ones have outdoor latrines.


In Moldova, smoking is common place. Smoking is possible in many establishments in Moldova, but not in Government buildings. Most upscale restaurants offer non-smoking sections; although often these sections are located adjacent to smoking areas with no real separation between them. Increasingly, in many newer restaurants and office buildings, smoking is prohibited.

Cigarettes can be purchased easily from supermarkets, convenience stores (alimentara), and kiosks that can be found on almost every street corner. Many restaurants and bars also sell cigarettes, even listing them on the menu. The price of a pack of cigarettes ranges from 8 to 30 MDL.

You must be over the age of 18 to purchase tobacco products in Moldova.

Disabled Travelers

Moldova is not friendly to disabled travelers. Few buildings or attractions provide access to or services for disabled persons. Few, if any, taxi services can accommodate disabled passengers. However, larger hotels such as the Leogrand Hotel and Convention Center and newer buildings are accessible to disabled persons.

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