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Visitors with valid passports from the European Union, most European countries, United States, Canada, Cyprus, Israel, Georgia, and CIS member states do not need visas to enter the Republic of Moldova for a stay of up to 90 days within a six month period. A list of countries with visa-free entry to Moldova is available on the website of the Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration. Visitors’ passports must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Moldova. Visitors wishing to stay longer than 90 days should contact the Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration for information.


A traveler can enter and leave Moldova with foreign currency or the equivalent in national currency of up to 10,000 Euros. Amounts exceeding 10,000 Euros must be declared at Customs. Other items that must be declared at Customs include but may not be limited to: art objects, historic artifacts, weapons, ammunitions, explosive materials, and toxic and hazardous substances. Moldova allows for limited duty-free entry of certain controlled items as follows:

  • Tobacco: 200 cigarettes (one carton) or 40 cigars
  • Liquor: 2 liters of wine or 2 liters of liquor or 5 liters of beer
  • A reasonable quantity of gifts whose total value does not exceed 430 Euro
  • Medicines for own use

Customs officers do not usually check the luggage of individual travelers or tour groups. However, as in any country, Customs officers have the authority to check passports and to conduct enforcement examinations without a warrant, ranging from a single luggage examination to a personal search. More information about Moldovan Customs regulations can be found on the website of the Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration.

Entry to/from Transnistria


Visitors entering into Transnistria over land from Ukraine should be aware that Transnistrian border guards will not place entry stamps into their passports. And there are no ‘immigration controls’ in place on the internal boundary between Transnistria and Moldova; so entry stamps will also not be placed into passports at this juncture either. Visitors who enter Moldova via Transnistria may encounter problems when leaving Moldova because as their passport will show no valid entry stamp. Visitors entering Moldova via Transnistria are advised to register with the Ministry of Information, Technologies and Communication, located in Chisinau at 49 M. Kogalniceanu str, within 3 days (72 hours) on arriving.

Visitors can enter Transnistria with minimal formalities at the “border”. Visitors are required to complete a short form, in duplicate, and provide it and their passport to the border guards. Guards check and stamp one copy the entry form, but not the passport, and return both to the visitor. The stamped entry form must be surrendered at the border upon exiting Transnistria. Also see Essential Information > Arriving in Moldova.

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