Prutul De Jos (Lower Prut) Natural Reservation

The Prutul de Jos (Lower Prut) Natural Reservation is located in southern Moldova between the Prut River and Slobozia Mare village, south of Cahul. It covers 1,691 ha, which includes 312 ha of forest and Lake Beleu (10 km2).

The reserve was founded in 1991 to protect the flora and fauna of the lake and the surrounding wetlands. It includes 270 species of plants; 241 species of animals, including 34 species of mammals, 7 reptiles, and 11 amphibians; 168 bird species; and 42 species of fish. Reserve is a refuge for many rare plant species and is also important for many migratory bird species (little egret, big egret, white stork, swan, pelican, white kingfisher, herons, white-headed duck, storks, marsh bittern, yellow Heron, etc.), which nest and breed near the lake. Water levels in the lake vary depending upon spring and summer floods and upon the water levels of Prut and Danube rivers.



Slobozia Mare village, Cahul, 210 km distance to Chisinau


Access is grated by reserve administration


Tel: (+373 235) 6-13-39

Entry Fee:

5-10 lei for local

25 lei for international tourists


Bird watching, boat trips

Festivals or Events:

Festival « Dulce Floare de Salcam » (link)

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