Manuc Bei Estate And Manor House

Manor Manuc-Bei in Hincesti, which now houses the Museum of History and Local History, is located about 40 km west of Chisinau. 

Prince Manuk Bay (Mirzoyan), whose family owned the estate is a remarkable figure. He was a renowned diplomat, and with his assistance in his palace in Bucharest the Russian-Ottoman peace treaty in 1812 was signed, according to which Basarabia fell under the protectorate of Russia.

In addition, he laid the foundation for the production of Moldovan wines on French technology. His descendants built winery on the estate and transferred the local wine production on industrial basis. The factory still exists, though, now it is a large modern enterprise - "Vitis Hancesti" (Vitis Hincesti), which produces high-quality wines. Experts from the French Institute of Wine (Bordeaux) classified some areas of the economy "Vitis Hancesti" as appellations, and one of the vineyards - even as a chateau. 

The actual house is a real castle in the French style, with a winter garden, guard towers and a park - built in the second half of XIX century based on the project of Alexander Bernardazzi, and for decades was the estate of family Mirzoyan, descendants of Manuc-Bei. 

In 70-ies of XX century Manor House Museum was opened, a collection which now number more than 20,000 artifacts. The most valuable is the collection of the Moldovan national costumes and textiles. At the same time, the museum permanently holds the exhibition "Maps and Documents," "The Lords of Moldova", "Ethnography," Diorama "Iasi-Kishinev battle during the II-nd World War, as well as the exhibition devoted to the flora and fauna of the Republic of Moldova. Of particular interest is the collection of butterflies and birds exhibited in the museum. 


Bernardazzi str. 2, Hincesti, Moldova


Opening hours:

Tuesday – Sunday: 10:00-17:00




Tel.: (+373 234) 23 607

Entry Fee:

5-15 MDL



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