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About Chisinau

Chisinau is Moldova's capital and largest city. Its history stretches back to 1436 and over the years it has been influenced by many nations, notably the Ottomans, Romanians, and Russians. Chisinau is the commercial, cultural, and social center of Moldova. It has a population of nearly 790,000 with another 200,000 people coming each day for work and entertainment. Chisinau municipality, including its nearest suburbs, covers a surface area of 635 square km.

Chisinau is quite wealthy compared to the rest of the country, but notably poorer than other capitals in the region. It is a city in transition, with new and old buildings standing alongside each other throughout the city. Many of the older building were built during Soviet times with characteristic Soviet architecture. However, today new construction abounds, with shiny new office buildings, shopping malls, and apartment blocks, which are replacing the many Soviet-era flats that are home to the majority of the city's middle and working class population, rising across the city.Chisinau also boasts many architectural masterpieces; many of these were designed by famed Russian architect AleksanderBernardazzi. Chisinau is also a surprisingly green city, with tree lined streets and boulevards that are especially beautiful during the spring and summer.

Services and service standards are on the rise in Chisinau. The city already has many hotels, restaurants, cafés, and bars, but new establishments, with better service, are opening often. The shopping scene is also improving, with more stores, better selection, and better prices, which are still surprisingly high. Similarly, the number of people who speak English is also increasing, but is still lower than in other European cities. One area where Chisinau "punches above its weight class" is its nightlife. The city has a lot of very good clubs with excellent DJs and live music. A night out in Chisinau will definitely be remembered. Another area where Chisinau excels is in the arts. Theatre, music, opera, and ballet performances are excellent, and still inexpensive; the value for money can't beat. Chisinau also has several good museums and a number of beautiful parks.

Visitors will find hundreds of ATMS (bancomats) conveniently located throughout the city, which is good because although increasing, use of credit cards is still relatively low. Another convenience is the prevalence of free Wi-Fi, available at nearly every hotel, restaurant, café, and bar, and also in many of the city's parks and outdoor spaces. Crime is relatively low, but usual precautions apply.



Even though Chisinau is a city it can be considered the "wine center" of Moldova. There are many wineries in Chisinau and around Chisinau. The city offers a possibility to taste practically any wine made in Moldova. It can be done in many restaurants, specialized wine bars and wine shops; moreover, every supermarket has a wine department with a reach choice of Moldovan wines. Please find here details of those places.

In less than 30 minutes' drive from city center the most famous cellars of Moldova can be reached: Cricova and MilestiiMici. Those are real underground cities of wine that can be entered by car and that store the world's largest wine collections, confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records. Guests are invited to visit those cellars and to taste the wines.


Many orthodox churches and even a monastery can be foundin Chisinau. Some churches have been built recently but there are also old masterpieces, designed by notorious architects. Those are in different styles and follow ethnic cultures. One can find Greek and Armenian Churches. Chisinau has also catholic churches, Baptist churches and one synagogue. Many historic building can be found in Chisinau, build in 18th and 19th centuries, most of them are located in the perimeter of Mateevici, AlexandruCel Bun, Ciuflea and Sciusev streets. Moldova's largest museums are located in Chisinau, where permanent and temporary exhibitions can be viewed.


Many visitors mention that Chisinau is a very green city. Trees are along the streets and there are many large and small parks and even forest like parks. There are 19 parks in total in Chisinau. The oldest park "Stefan cel Mare Pubic Garden" was set up in 1818 and is one of the oldest landscape architecture monuments in Moldova. Chisinau has thematic parks such as Botanic Garden and Dendrarium, where rare flora species can be admired. Those two parks are administered by the Moldovan Academy of Science. Several parks have lakes and possibilities to practice water activities.

  • Public Garden Stefan Cel Mare
  • ValeaMorilor Park
  • Dendrariu Park
  • La Izvor Park
  • ValeaTrandafirilor Park
  • Botanical Garden


Chisinau is the capital of a country that has strong rural character and traditions. That's why rural activities can be experienced in Chisinau, and it mostly refers to gastronomy, handicrafts and traditional arts. There is even a rural pension in Chisinau suburbs. Handicrafts products can be found in souvenir and handicraft shops. A special place exists in Chisinau called "handicrafts market" located on the central boulevard, which is interesting for visitors and locals. Along with souvenirs, original paintings can be bought here as well. National Ethnographic Museum houses and organizes many exhibitions, workshops and master classes related to Moldovan traditional crafts and art. The museum has a program of those events and can be viewed here.


Food and wine makes an important part of Moldovan hospitality which is well known. Here people like to have good food and is proud with its national specialties. A large number of restaurants in Chisinau offer only Moldovan traditional dishes and are popular among foreign visitors and locals. Visitor can taste other cuisines such as Gagauz, Ukrainian and Russian. There are also Uzbek, Georgian, Greek, Japanese, French, Italian, Mexican and other cuisines restaurants.


Visitors with different interests and hobbies my find things worth to do or to see in Chisinau. Thus may refer to Art & entertainment, Cultural heritage, Religious and Ethnic roots, History and Archeology, Nightlife, Food & Wine etc. Below you find the list of most important theaters, concert halls, night clubs and art galleries. Chisinau is the place where the largest Jewish community lives (20.000 people) and there are places of interest related to Jewish memory (see below).

Arts & Entertainment


  • A.P Chekhov Theater, VlaicuPircalab str. 75, Chisinau, Tel: (+373 22) 22 13 32, web:
  • Eugene Ionesco Theater, Grigore Vierubd. 15, Chisinau,Tel: (+373 22) 24 03 93, web:
  • Ginta Latina Theater, SfatulTarii str. 18, Chisinau, Tel: (+373 22) 23 21 54web:
  • National Opera and Ballet Theatre, Stefan cel Mare bd. 152, Chisinau, Tel: (+373 22) 24 51 04, web:
  • Mihai Eminescu National Theatre, Stefan cel Mare bd. 79, Chisinau, Tel:(+373 22) 22 11 77, web:
  • Luceafarul Theatre, Veronica Micle str. 7, Chisinau, Tel: (+373 22) 22 65 20, web:
  • Licurici Puppet Theatre, 31 august 1989 str. 121, Chisinau, Tel: (+373 22) 24 47 25, web:
  • Satiricus Theatre, Eminescu str. 35, Chisinau, Tel: (+373 22) 20 28 90, web:


  • NicolaeSulacNational Palace, A. Pushkin str. 21, Chisinau, Tel: (+373 22) 21 35 44, web:
  • Organ Hall, Stefan cel Mare bd. 81, Chisinau, Tel: (+373 22) 22 82 22, Web:
  • SergheiLunchevici National Philharmonics, MitropolitDosofteistr. 75, Chisinau, Tel: (+373 22),


  • Costantin Brancusi Exhibitions Hall, Stefan cel Mare bd.3, Chisinau, Tel:(+373 22) 54-14-57
  • Atrium Art Gallery, MitropolitVarlam str. 77, Chisinau, Tel: (+373 22) 20-12-22
  • Galeria L, Bucuresti str. 64, Chisinau, Tel:(+373 22) 22-19-75



  • Star Track Nightclub, Kievskaya str. 7, Chisinau, Tel: (+373 22) 496 207
  • City Club, 31 August 1989str. 115, Chisinau, Tel: (+373 22) 222 508
  • Faraon Club, Moscova bd. 19, Chisinau, Tel: (+373 22) 44-53-13
  • The Albion Territory, A. Pushkin str. 22, Chisinau, GSM: (+373) (0)068684244
  • Booz Time Club, 31 August 1989 str., 117, Chisinau, Tel: (+373 22) 222 508
  • Taboo Nightclub, Grenoble str. 193, Chisinau, GSM: (+373) (0) 696 11 611



  • Glaziers Synagogue, ChabbadLiubavitch str. 8, Chisinau. Build in 1910. Acting synagogue
  • Old Jewish Cemetery, Milano str., Chisinau. Tel: (+373-794)15654
  • Building of former Synagogue «Lemnaria»,Diorditsa str. 5, Chisinau. Actually office of Kishinev Jacobs Jewish Campus
  • Building of former Jewish School "Talmud Tora",VlaicuParcalab str. 77, Chisinau. Actually office and apartments building.




  • Fantezia, Stefan cel Mare bd. 83, Chisinau, Tel : (+373 22) 222 475
  • Galeria L, Bucuresti str. 64, Chisinau, Tel: (+373 22) 22-19-75
  • Handicrafts market, stefancel Mare bd, 81, Chisinau

Festivals and Events

Visitors may also find to be a helpful resource. It provides information about and searchable directories of festivals and events, including concerts and parties, in and around Chisinau.



There are many hotels to choose from in the city. Follow the links below to find basic information about 5-, 4- , and 3-star hotels in Chisinau, or book directly using the booking engine below.

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Chisinau has a lot of very good restaurants, cafes, and bars catering to all tastes and budgets. Follow the links below to find basic information some of the best establishments in town.

Don't miss the chance to try traditional Moldovan or Gagauz food at one of the national restaurants. For wine lovers, a visit to one of Chisinau's wine bars is a must.

Two other websites that provide helpful information about and searchable directories of Chisinau restaurants, cafes, and bars include: and


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