The Hottest Summer School in Moldova

Thinking about visiting Moldova? Do you still know nothing about this country or you know so much that you can’t wait to visit it and to see how is going on in this small, but extremly beautiful part of Europe?

AEGEE-Chisinau brings young culture and discover enthusiasts to Moldova, to live for few days as an authentic Moldovan, to taste the goods of this country and to spend a beautiful and cultural experience that they will not try anywhere in the other part of the world.

Germans, Czechs, Italians, Spanish people with most of UE and nearby countries came for 15 summers to Moldova and fell in love with moldovan traditions, food and wine, people and the spirit.

This year, for the 16th summer, from 10 to 21 July  AEGEE-Chisinau is planning a new experience for others, to spread a word about this lovely country – Moldova.

The National Inbound Tourism Association of Moldova is a partner of this great event.

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