The tourism app "Moldova Holiday" has been launched

On 06 April at 11.00 at the restaurant Propaganda, Str. Alexey Sciusev70, the National Association for Inbound Tourism in Moldova (ANTRIM), with the support of USAID Competitiveness Enhancement and Enterprise Development (CEED II) held a press conference in which it has been launched the first mobile application with the image of the New Tourism Brand Travel - Tree of Life symbol. 

The app contains information and directions about the best 50 places of interest in Moldova. The app was based on the model of Slovenia’s Top 50 and was developed by the same company.

The 50 destinations include the most famous wineries, museums and monasteries in Moldova, cultural and architectural monuments. The app’s design follows the guidelines for using the national tourism brand and has an English-language interface. The application offers general information about the destinations, their place on the map and directions towards them, you can schedule a trip, to invite your friends via social networks, to choose your route and access the map in offline mode and so on.

"Advancement in mobile technology gives consumers more meaningful experiences regarding traveling. The lack of a mobile applications where they would find the tourist attractions of Moldova, we decided to work towards the development of such a platform of information for tourists and this became a priority for ANTRIM and its members, "said the executive director of the National Association of Inbound Tourism in Moldova.

The development of this application was made possible with the support of USAID CEED II and Tourism Industry Manager, Natalia Curnic, gave details about a new promotion campaign of the Tourism Brand, which will begin this week at the Chisinau International Airport, which consists of placing banners with the new tourism brand. "This campaign will raise visitors awareness about attractions and new possibilities of self-traveling to Moldova by placing the visuals with the new tourism brand and distribute 10,000 with free 3G SIM cards printed with QR-code application, from April 10th to 24th for all foreign visitors in the airport arrival area "she noted.

At the launch of the mobile application were present and private sector representatives, members of ANTRIM. Andrei Rusu, Incoming department manager of TatraBis company, confirmed the importance of developing this application, because more and more tourists prefer to have phone applications as guide that provide necessary information about a destination or another. "

The campaign is realized with the support of USAID CEED II project, in partnership with ANTRIM, Tourism Agency, Chisinau International Airport, Orange Moldova and the Border Police Department.


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