TIRASPOL is the biggest city in Transnistria. The city is located on the eastern bank of the Nistru River.

Because Tiraspol has a high density of population in the south and has virtually no borderlines with the adjacent localities, the concept of Tiraspol-Bender agglomeration has appeared; together these two cities account for approximately 350.000 common inhabitants. Bender is located on the right side of the Nistru River, and since 1992 it has been under the governance of Tiraspol. These two neighboring towns are linked to each other through trolleybus lines and minibuses.

Tiraspols' population consist of the following ethnic groups: Russians (41%), Ukrainians (33%) Moldovans (15%), Bulgarians (1,55%) and others (15%). Tiraspol is a regional hub of light industry, as well as furniture and electrical goods production.


Wine. The wine industry is relatively well developed. Kvint factoryis situated in Tiraspol, the distillery has been producing brandy, wine and vodka since 1897 and has become a national treasure. Recently Kvint started to produce dry wines. Tourists and visitors can visit the brandy factory and taste its products. A special tourist service is set up at Kvint.

At 50 km distance from Tiraspol is located a famous Moldova Winery "Purcari". Tourists can take this trip to taste some of the best wines Moldova has. The winery has a hotel and restaurant. Winery tours and guided tasting are being organized for all visitors that are interested.    

Culture. The cultural life and heritage existing in Tiraspol and elsewhere in Transnistria has a strong Slavic characteristic.This refers to theatre, literature and other domains.The language in most cases is Russian and many references will be made to Russian culture in general. In the same time the region's administration tries to promote cultural diversity and features Russian culture along with Ukrainian and Moldovan.  Soviet and socialist elements will be found often in Transnistrian cultural environment.


  • Military Historic Museum of G. I. Kotovsky brigade, Manoilov str. 34, Tiraspol, Moldova, Tel: (+373 533) 95 382
  • Ethnography and Natural History Museum, 25th October str. 46, Tiraspol, Moldova, Tel: (+373 533) 09 426 and Pravda str. 4,  Tiraspol, Moldova, Tel: (+373 533) 82 106
  • Art gallery, 25th October str. 46, Tiraspol, Moldova, Tel: (+373 533) 09 573

Festivals & events:

  • Tiraspol City Day,(Religious, national heritage, music, gastronomy, culture): October 14

Nature. Tiraspol is located on the Nistr river shore, which is covered by forest along its both sides. Within the city limits several parks have been built.  The largest park of Tiraspol is "Park Pobedy" (Vitory) located between two central streets of Tiraspol (Tsareva and Mira). In addition to that Tiraspol has a large Botanical Garden, located only several blocks away from the central park. Tourists can take a drive to the aquatic natural reservation "Iagorlic". The reserve administration organizes hiking tours in the largest Island of Nistru in the region of Dubasari. The 4-hours hiking itinerary passed through beautiful places and reaches the highest point of the island.

Special interest.

Tiraspol is a city that portraits very well a classical soviet city, both in terms of monuments and in terms of city decoration and ideological tools used. Many tourist are interested in this kind of heritage.

Monuments:  The statue of Alexander Suvorov was erected in the central square in 1979 in commemoration of his 250th anniversary. In front of the Transnistrian Government building there is a statue of Vladimir Lenin. On the opposite side of the central square, a monument plaza features a Soviet T-34 tank, commemorating the Soviet victory in World War II, as well as several monuments dedicated to more recent conflicts, including the Soviet war in Afghanistan and the War of Transnistria. Tourists can also take a walk on 25th October street to see the columned House of Soviets complete with a stern looking bust of Lenin.

Sheriff Stadium is the largest and most modern football stadium in Transnistria and Moldova. It has a capacity of 14300 spectators. The stadium is owned by Sheriff Corporation.[1] It is eligible for international events, that is why Moldova national football team plays some of their international home matches on this stadium.

The stadium is home to Sheriff Tiraspol football team, the best team in Moldova in terms of performances. It occupies a territory of more than 40 hectares and consists of the main field plus five other fields, training fields, a covered indoor arena for winter use as well as a soccer school for children and on-site residences for the players of FC Sheriff. A five star luxury hotel is under construction.

Getting here

By car: Tiraspol is 75 km south-east of Chisinau. The journey normally takes 1.5 hours. Before entering into Tighina there is a control post. All persons entering Transnistria are obliged to register with the region's customs and border police. If driving to Tiraspol from Ukraine, the closest border posts are Hrebenyky and Kuchurhan.

By bus: There is regular bus service between Tiraspol and Chisinau and other cities and towns in Moldova. There are also bus connections to several cities outside of Moldova. Check the online bus schedules (in Romanian) for details.


  • CityClub Hotel, Gorkogo Street str. 18, Tiraspol, Moldova, Tel: (+373 533) 59 000, web: www.cityclub.md  
  • Hotel Russia, Sverdlova Street 69, Tiraspol, Moldova, Tel: (+373 533) 38 000, web: www.hotelrussia.md    
  • Korona Hotel, Odesskoe Shosse 3, Tiraspol, Moldova, Tel: (+373 533) 66 661, web: www.komplex-korona.com

Restaurants, cafes, & bars

  • Kumanek restaurant (Ukrainian cuisine), Sverdlov str. 37, Tiraspol, Moldova, Tel: (+373 533) 72 034, web: www.kumanek.com
  • Love Pizzeria, Lenin str. 9A, Tiraspol, Moldova , Tel: (+373 533) 58 888
  • «7 Пятницъ» (Seven Fridays ) café, 25th October str. 112, Tiraspol, Moldova, Tel: (+373 533)  92 210
  • «Шато» (Chateau) restaurant, Gvardeiskaia str. 44, Tiraspol, Moldova, Tel: (+373 533) 75 419
  • Ностальгия» (Nostalgy) café-bar, Naberejny str. 1, Tiraspol, Moldova, Tel: (+373 533) 77 717
  • Andy's pizza, 25th October str. 71 and Karl Liebknecht str. 134 and Kransnodarskaya str. 41, Tiraspol, Moldova, Tel: (+373 533) 85 267, web: www.andys-pizza.md

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