SOROCA is a Moldovan city situated on the Nistru River about 160 km north of Chisinau. It is the administrative center of Soroca District. Its economy consists mostly of light industry (apparel and footwear), food processing and production of building materials. The major ethnic groups living in Soroca are Moldovans/Romanians (68%), Ukrainians (15%), Russians (12.3%), Jewish (1%), Roma (3%).


Wine. Soroca is located in the northern part of Moldova, where practicaly there are no vineyards and no wineries. People may still produce homemade wines which they proudly share with their guests. 

Culture.  Sorocais known for its well-preserved stronghold, established by the Moldovan Prince Stephen the Great (Ştefan cel Mare in Romanian) in 1499. The Soroca fortress [link] is an important attraction in Soroca, having preserved cultures and kept the old Soroca in the present day. There is an old legend about the White Stork of Soroca Fortress, which says that during a long siege by Tartars, o white stork would bring grapes to the fortress defenders, to save them from thirst and hunger, and helped them win.

The town has a sizable Romani (Gypsy) minority and the Romani neighborhood in this town is considered unofficially the "Capital of the Romani".  Here Romani are in a race at building palaces on the Gypsy Hill, sometimes those palaces copy famous building such as The Washington Capitol, the Moscow Bolshoi Theatre and even the Indian temples.

In the early `2000, in a point on the Bechir hill, the farthest from the town, a monument was built of stone in the form of a candle, which was called "Badea Mior" – in the memory of the anonymous poet, author of the old Romanian pastoral ballad Miorita ("The Little Ewe"). The idea and the name of the monument belong to the writer Ion Druta, who lived and studied as a child in Soroca and afterwards mentioned this locality in many of his works. Inside the monument there is a small chapel. From the observation platform of the monument, an unforgettable view opens to the city, the fortress and the Nistru River.


  • Soroca Ethnography and History Museum, Independentei str. 68, Soroca, Moldova, Tel: (+373-230) 2-22-64, GSM: (+373) (0) 69323734.
  • Soroca Fortress Museum, Petru Rares str.1, Soroca, Moldova, Tel: (+373-230) 30-430

Soroca is located on the Nistru river and this part of the river creates many beautiful turns. Moreover Nistru's right side is a high one and mostly formed by rocks. It is nice to hike around or to travel by boat. About 40 km north of Soroca is located "Rudi-Arionesti" landscape reservation which offers very rare landscapes. It includes forests, rocks, valley and the river.  soroca-2


Food. Soroca region is very diverse culturally. Here many ethnic used to live together: Romanians, Jewish, Ukrainians and Roma. Also due to the proximity of Ukraine (across the river) a strong Ukrainea influence on culture exists. This is mostly specific for gastronomy. Tatarauca is a village where mostly Ukrainians live and tourists can taste the Ukrainian specialties in the local restaurant.

Special Interest

  • "Veniamin Apostol" Theatre, Independentie str. 73-A, Soroca, Moldova, Tel: (+373 230) 230 09
  • Soroca Arts College, Stefan cel Mare str. 39, Soroca, Moldova, Tel: (+373 230) 23 357

Festivals & events:

  • Soroca City Day,(Religious, national heritage, music, gastronomy, culture): August 28
  • Handicrafts Fair , August 28

Getting here

By car: Soroca is 160 km north of Chisinau. The journey normally takes 2.5 hours.  If driving to Soroca a from Romania, the closest border posts are Costesti-Stinca and Radauti-Lipcani. If driving to Soroca from Ukraine, the closest border posts are Soroca, Unguri and other posts in the North.

By bus: There is regular bus service between Soroca and Chisinau  and other cities and towns in Moldova. There are also bus connections to several cities outside of Moldova. Check the online bus schedules (in Romanian) for details, make sure you select Gara de Nord Chisinau, this is the station that serves north destinations only.


Restaurants, cafes, & bars

  • Soroca Restaurant, Stefan cel Mare str. 113/1, Soroca, Moldova, Tel: (+373 230) 33 877
  • Nistru Cafe, Gavrilita str. 4, Soroca, Moldova, Tel: (+373 230) 27 007

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