Cahul is a city in southern Moldova, situated at the border with Romania, 175 km far from Chisinau. It is the administrative center of Cahul District, as of 1 January 2012, it has an estimated population of 39,800 inhabitants. Of its population, 60.5% are Moldovans/Romanians, 17.1% Russians, 11.1 % Ukrainians, 6.6% Bulgarians, 3.2% ethnic Gagauz and 1.5% others

The modern name was given to the settlement after the Battle of Kagul, which was fought nearby. The city's location had made it a frequent battleground for a number of armies, with possession of frequently switching between countries such as Principality of Moldova, Russian Empire, and Ottoman Empire. Apart from the battles that have been fought over it, Cahul is also known for its thermal spas and for its folk music. The city has a diversified economy; the industrial sector is represented by companies in the food, light and construction materials industries.


Wine. In the Southern of part of Moldova many wineries are located. Every village around Cahul would have one, but usually those wineries to not provide tourists services. However tours can be arranged at "Vinia Traian", Gavanoasa village, Cahul, Moldova, Tel: (+373 293) 25 246, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . People in villages produce own wine. In the southern Moldova this wine is especially good. In Valeni village one can taste homemade wines with traditional food. This can be arranged with "Vatra" traditional bakery in Valeni village, Tel: (+373 293) 73 286.

Culture. The old Moldovan traditions and heritage are very well respected in the villages around Cahul, such as Valeni, Slobozia Mare, Colibasi etc. That's why Cahul regions hosts many cultural events. The most important cultural events held in Cahul are the International Folk Music Festival "Nufărul Alb" ("White Water Liliy") , which takes place every two years, in the beginning of July; the International Festival of Popular Dance for Children "Bobocel" ("Gosling"); the Pop Music Festival "Cântecele tinereții noastre" ("The Songs of Our Youth Time"); the Festival of winter customs and traditions "Florile Dalbe"; and the Festival "Faces of Friends" in which stars such as Dan Balan or  3 Sud-Est band perform.


  • Cahul Museum of Ethnography and Natural History, Lev Tolstoi str. 4, Cahul, Moldova, Tel: (+373 299) 21 471, GSM: (+373) (0) 681 16 779.
  • Nikolay Lebedev house-museum, Lebedev village, Cahul, Moldova, Tel: (+373 299) 21 471, GSM: (+373) (0) 681 16 779.

Nature. "Prutul de Jos" (Lower Prut) Natural Rezervartions located 30 km south of Cahul. Its primary protected subject is Beleu lake, a very old aquatic territory with a surface of 150 ha. It is famous for the large number of rare species of birds and animals living in this area. There is an impressive number of water lilies in the lake. Visitors can rent boats and enjoy watching birds and flowers on the lake.  An even a lager (Manta) lake is on the same road, but only 10 km from Cahul, close to Manta village.        

Special interest:

  • "B.P. Hasdeu" Musical-Dramatic Theatre, 31 August 1989 str. 9-B, Cahul, Moldova, Tel: (+373 299) 20 475.
  • Patria Cahul Cinema, Bobrov str. 3, Cahul, Moldova, Tel: (+373 299) 32 727, web:
  • "B.P. Hasdeu" Cahul State University, Piata Independentei 1, Cahul, Moldova, Tel: (+373 299) 22 481, web: Cahul is home to the State University of Cahul, opened in 1999 and named after Romanian writer and philologist Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu. The university is made up of 3 faculties (Philology, Law and) with around 2,150 students.
  • "Nufarul Alb" spa. Cahul is also a destination as spa and health resort. The city and surrounding areas are richest with mineral springs enriched with bromine and iodine. The "Nufărul Alb" Balneotherapy and Well-being Centre consists of a hospital, hotel and entertaining spots. This is the largest spa in Moldova and receives people from Moldova, Europe and CIS countries every year.

Festivals & events:

  • Dulce Floare de Salcam (folklore music & dance):  annually on the third or fourth Sunday of May
  • Nufarul Alb Festival (folklore music & dance): every other year; next edition, July 2013
  • Faces of Friends Festival (pop, rock and jazz music): annually, August (exact dates vary)
  • Cahul City Day (Religious, national heritage, music, gastronomy, culture):November 21.

Getting here

By car: Cahul is 175 km south of Chisinau. The journey normally takes 2.5 hours if using the R 34 highway via Leova. If driving to Cahul from Romania, the closest border posts are Oancea and Giurgiulesti. If driving to Balti from Ukraine, the closest border posts are Giurgiulesti, Vulcanesti and Basarabeasca.

By bus: There is regular bus service between Cahul and Chisinau (3 hours) and other cities and towns in Moldova. There are also bus connections to several cities outside of Moldova. Check the online bus schedule(in Romanian), make sure you select Gara de Sud Chisinau, this is the station that serves south destinations only.


Restaurants, cafes, & bars

  • Marco Polo Resturant, Cahul, Moldova, Mihai Eminescu str. 43/2, Tel: (373 299) 32 705
  • Laguna Restaurant, Cahul, Moldova, Stefan cel Mare str. 64, Tel: (+373 299) 48 523

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