The International Festival "J.S. BACH" presents the BACH in Showbiz program. BACH in Showbiz is the newest and innovative fusion show of Romania. Classic genre is combined with the pop, rock or Romanian folklore. So were born the 17 variations on the theme of J.S. Bach composed by Adrian Enescu and interpreted by Zoli Toth Project.

Zoli TOTH is one of the most respected artists in the Romanian showbiz. Along the band System they performed over 1,000 concerts in Romania and abroad. Zoli Toth entered the modern history of pop music by occupying third place in Eurovision 2005 Final - Kiev with Luminita Anghel and the band SYSTEM. 12 hits were no. 1 and The Golden Disk for the album Enter intro the system (Intra’n sistem)!


ZTP is a unique formula in the world by component and the tools used be them are: violin, cello, drum, electronic drums, special effects, vibraphone and marimba.

Members ZTP are multiple winners of competitions of its kind in the country and abroad and collaborators of the most important orchestras in Romania.

The component:

Yulia Bandila - Violin

Michael Gregory - Cello

Bogdan Pop - Percussion

Zoli TOTH – Percussion


Date: March 31, 2015, 18:00

Place: Hall Organ



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