Tipova Monastery

Horodiştea Monastery - the largest monastery in Europe among cave monastery

It's summer and it's a perfect time to explore Moldova. Today I decided to tell you about Tipova Monastery, one of the most beautiful in the country. It is located above the Dniester and comprises three monastic complex carved into the rock.

The Chisinau-Rezina road is good, recently repaired, only a small portion of the road is under repair, the rest went quickly and easily.

We did about 77 km from Chisinau to the indicator that points you to Tipova village. From this indicator are still another 16 km to the monastery.

Top monastery church is dedicated to the Assumption of Virgin Mary, some rock cells and a church shop. The store had no booklet about Tipova monastic complex, only a few icons and candles. What we have seen above, frankly, not too impressed me anything, very dry and nothing arranged for tourists.

On the territory of the top monastery is an indicator to the cave monastery. From the edge of the cliff opened a very beautiful view to the Dniester, and to the rocks on the left. But we've got it right and went down the stairs to the Cave Monastery Horodişte.

And we descended over, steps by steps, dangerous enough without a railing, then went on a small path carved into the rock and finally we reached the Cave Monastery.

Places are very beautiful, with dozens of caves in different periods. The oldest dates back centuries. XII.

Rock Monastery Church of St. Nicholas Church dates from 1700. In 1949 it was closed and the layout we see now is from 1990. The objects and icons in the church who are older have been recovered from humans in the village.

In the church are a cross and three icons that are over 300 years old. An icon that depicts the Virgin Mary is considered miraculous.

But the most interesting thing I've heard there is the Monastery Horodişte of the Complex Tipova, is the largest monastery in Europe among cave monastery, carved into the rock by volume and second in the world after Monastery in Cappadocia, Turkey. It is a great advantage; differentiation can be intensely promoted as main tourist attraction.

Moreover, on the wall were several schemes, showing renovation plans of these places. Including we have seen on scheme and a cableway. It would be absolutely fantastic if all will be made.

There are many, to be seen there, many cells in the rock at a quite large distance from one another, the special and flora on the edge of rocks, I saw various herbs gathered by monks. At the monastery are only 15 monks, but it has a capacity of 700 monks.

























The places are very beautiful, are ideal for climbing, trekking, for walks outdoor hiking, but for a more professional tourism, many have yet to convert: signs, trails, fences, bathroom, a café, informative leaflets, services local guide ....

And to the end with a warning! Many schools organize trips to Tipova, the place is not yet arranged for tourists minors, I even warn you, do not let your children go, go only with families, so you can monitor them closely.

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