The Legend about Căpriana Monastery

Where now is the village Capriana, before it was a glade. Stephen the Great was passing near it and stopped to rest his horse and himself. He saw a deer. Someone wanted to shoot her, but he stopped him. Then he set aside and started to watch. From the forest came more of them and Stephen the Great stared to like that place and decided to build a monastery. The village around it was named Caprioara (Deer).  With the time they changed in Capriana.

Other legend says that in the time when Stephen the Great was fighting with the Turks in Moldovan forests, the Turks stepped his army, and then he went to an old lady that had seven sons and asked her to hive him her sons so he could win in the battle with the Turks so they cannot come to Moldova. She accepted.

After what he won and the Turks got out from Moldova, Stephen the Great and those 7 men arrived in the glade of Capriana. Then it was not a village yet.  They shot with an arrow and said: ”Where the arrow will land, there we will build a monastery that will serve as a memory for my win with those seven brothers over our enemies.”

When he shot the arrow upwards, it flew and coming down it hit a wild deer and killed her. The Stephen said:
- Here would be a monastery and we will name it Capriana. 

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