The Legend of the Crone Dochia

A version of the legend about the crone Dochia is that she had a son named Dragobete and he married against her will. In order to tease daughter in law, on a cold winter day, she gave her a ball of black wool and sent her to the river to wash it, telling her not to return until the wool becomes white. She tried to wash the wool, but even if her fingers began to bleed, the black color of the wool still remained. In desperation because she couldn’t return home to her beloved husband she began to cry.

Impressed by the girls pain, Jesus Christ appeared in her way and gave her a red flower, telling her to wash wool with it. Thanking him, the girl put the flower in the water, washed the wool and noted with amazement that it turned white.

She was happy because she managed to finish the difficult task and went back home, but there she was not well received. Her mother in law, listening to the story that her daughter in law was telling, accused her that Martisor, this is the name the girl gave Jesus Christ because she did not know who he was, was her lover.

After this incident, Dochia went together with her flock into the mountains, being convinced that spring was already here, otherwise from where Martisor could have that flower? During her trip she pulled out one by one her twelve coats until no one was left. But the weather changed. On how beautiful was the beginning of the day, it was getting so ugly now. Was snowing and everything started to freeze. Drochie froze with her sheep, turning, according to the legend into a stone.


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