The Legend about the Oak of Stephen the Great

 For like seven hundred years ago, the ruler of Moldova Stephen de Great had here, near the village Cobilnea, a tough battle with the Tatars, and he beat them making them leave the country. And how was the custom in those days, after every successful battle, it was built a church or a monastery.  Stephen the Great built a little wooden church at the edge of the village near a young oak, and under which he rested during every battle.



The oak was growing and stretching out his vigorous branches in all parts. Because it was not shaded by other trees, the oak was growing more in thickness, and its crown in height. The oak was a resting place for the great ruler, and he was relieving his pains and sorrows with its dense and cool shade. 

In perplexed times, when the Turks and Tatars raided, it’s said that in the oak’s hollow were hidden really precious objects. With the time passing, the hollow closed with the wood of the growing tree and an entire treasure remained in its trunk. The village Cobilnea is now famous thanks to this great oak and the church built by Stephen the Great.


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