Language Day (31 August)

In Chisinau, Limba Nosatra day opens with the laying of flowers at the foot of the monument to Stefan cel Mare and the classics of Romanian literature to commemorate the declaration of Romanian as the official language of the country and the reinstatement of the Latin alphabet on 31 August 1989. The rest of the day is a big open air festival where dozens of local restaurants and cafes offer traditional foods: grilled meats, placinta, other national dishes, fruits, and desserts. The day also has plenty of local color, with traditional music and dance and people dressed in national costumes. Many vendors sell Moldovan handicrafts. In the evening, there is concert performance. Admission is free. 


National heritage, music, gastronomy, culture


Annually, 31 August (an official national holiday)


Celebrations held country-wide, often in the central squares of cities, towns, and villages. In Chisinau, the celebration occurs on the Great National Assembly Square and parts of Stefan cel Mare Blvd, which is partially closed for the day.



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