Nicolae Dabija

A country that does not honor its history is doomed to extinction. This is the credo of the famous writer, publicist and politician of Moldova, Nicolae Dabija. Born on July 15, 1948, the writer has dedicated his entire life to the cultural activity, featuring in his poetry and prose long forgotten realities and traditions, thus establishing a link between different ages.

To bring back the memory of the sons of Moldova, Dabija has published the book "Nasc si la Moldova oameni" (The Great Sons of Moldova), where the author has gathered interesting stories about the most important personalities of the country, such as Stephen the Great, Dimitrie Cantemir and others.

Inclined to poetry, Dabija has written poems and has also published a history of the poetry in Moldova. Inspired by the legend of Orpheus having arrived on the territory of the current Moldova, Nicolae Dabija wrote a book called "Pe urmele lui Orfeu" (Going after Orpheus), followed by the research work "Antologia poeziei vechi moldovenești" (Anthology of Old Moldovan Poetry).

During the time of the National Revival, Dabija contributed to raising the awareness of the Moldovan people by publishing the first independent periodical publication "Literatura si arta" (Literature and Art). Due to his significant merits in strengthening the relations between Moldova and Romania and developing the art and literature, the writer was elected as an honorable member of the Academy of Science of Moldova and that of Romania.

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