Grigore vieru

Every nation has a poet beloved by both children and grownups. Moldovans have Grigore Vieru. Born in 1935, on Valentine's Day, the poet dedicated a significant part of his writing to love, particularly the love for mother.

Being deprived of his father, who died in the war, Vieru cherished his mother a lot. The entire palette of feelings is reflected in his omnibus edition of poems "Mama" (Mother). He was often saying that, as long as his mother lived, he would consider himself a child.

And, because he had a good sense of children, Vieru not only dedicated a significant part of his works (among which poems such as "Tu, iarbă, tot ai mamă?" (Grass, Do You Have A Mother Too?)) to them but also wrote an Alphabet Book (Abecedar), which has been used for several decades to help first grade pupils study Romanian language.

The issue of national revival, which was one of his major concerns, has prompted Grigore Vierul to get into politics and, on august 31st, 1989, Romanian language was declared a state language.

In 1992, he was proposed for the Nobel Peace Prize due to his merits in establishing friendly neighborhood relations between Moldova and Romania. The standard for Vieru's entire creation was the genius of the Romanian literature, Mihai Eminescu.

While returning to Chisinau from the south of Moldova after an event dedicated to the anniversary of the famous author of "Luceafarul" poem on January 16, 2009, Grigore Vieru was involved in a road traffic accident, which was fatal for the poet.

The memory of the poet has been immortalized at government level, but the most important will remain people's love and memory about the person whose poetry has enlightened their childhood, has venerated the mothers and has awakened in them deepest feelings.

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