FESTEI Theatre Festival (May)

The International Festival of Scenic Arts of «Eugen Ionesco» Theatre is a well-known and anticipated event in Moldova. For 10 days in May, on several theatre stages around Chisinau theatre groups from many countries perform dramatic, musical, and dance spectacles. Most active countries involved are South Korea, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Japan, Russia, Romania, Spain, Israel, Moldova and other countries. Admission is open to the public upon purchase of a ticket; prices vary between 50 and 500 lei.


Theatre art


Annually, May (exact dates vary)


“Eugen Ionesco” Theatre, Bvd Grigore Vieru, 11, Chisinau

“Luceafarul” Theatre, Veronica Micle str. 7, Chisinau

National Opera and Ballet Theatre, Bvd Stefan cel Mare, 152, Chisinau

National Philharmonics, Mitropolitul Varlaam str, 78, Chisinau

Mihai emineascu Theatre, Bvd Stefan Cel Mare, 79, Chisinau

A.P.Cehov Russian Dramatic Thatre, Vlaicu Parcalab str. 75, Chisinau



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