The Legend of Mazarache Volhv

Close to the end of the 15th century, when the Tartars’ domination was becoming increasingly unbearable for Moldova, a new chief magistrate was appointed to the city of Balti - Mazarache Volhv, a notorious person in the country. He tried to preclude the Turks’ invasion by any means. One day, Mazarache advanced towards the surroundings of the Orhei town where, together with a small army he surrounded the Turkish settlements and forced 100 thousand inhabitants to drown in the salty lake of the town.

Having heard about this, the Pasha (governor) of the Bender town, called Mazarache to the Tighina fortress where he decapitated the magistrate. Feeling his death was close, before leaving for Tighina, Mazarache had ordered for a church to be built.

Soon the first church was built in the city of Chisinau, which is presently known under the name of Mazarache Church.

In the place of the former lake where the magistrate had forced the Turks to drawn, currently there is a spring called The Holy Spring, which is rich in hydrogen sulfide. The mineral water sourced from the spring got an award in a specialized exhibition in Paris in 2002.

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