The Legend of the Savior Stork

Moldova had frequent and long fights against the armies of Turk invaders. Most often the warriors were fighting in forests and around fortresses. In one of such invasion by Turks in Moldova, the invaders besieged the Gorodesti fortress.

The Sultan’s army of well-trained and merciless janissaries surrounded the fortress; none and nothing could go past the fortress wall without being noticed by the warriors.

Nevertheless, the Moldovan defenders of the citadel did not give up and fought for life and death. But soon they ran out of water and lost their vigor. Then, out of a sudden, they noticed on the sky flocks of white storks flying toward the fortress. The birds were bearing in their beaks bunches of grapes, which they let fall inside the citadel. The grape berries helped the fighters regain their forces and moral. The Turks were knocked down one after one by the wind engendered by the flying storks and soon they had to give up on besieging the Gorodesti fortress and withdraw.

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