The Legend of Moldova’s Foundation

Dragos Voda, the nobleman of Maramures left for a hunting and decided to cross the Carpathians to reach the open fields of that area. There that a bison appeared in front of him and his archers and they started to follow it. Finally they reached the bison and started to chase it towards the river. The hunters were accompanied by Dragos’ pet dog whose name was Molda.

The bison threw itself into the river and was killed by the bowmen, while the dog also jumped into the whirlpool being swallowed by the waters. Full of sorrow, Dragos ordered that the river was called Moldova and then he continued his way downstream. In memory of that case on the river, the nobleman decided to establish an independent state, Moldova, on that territory; later on Moldova won its independence from the Hungarian domination with blood. This year it is the 655th anniversary from that event.

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