Spiridon Vangheli

Every nation has its stories and fairy tales. The happiest people have wonderful storyteller who creates children's literature - full of wisdom and kindness. Spiridon Vangheli (born June, 14, 1932) is our great-taught writer who created one of the most important figures of modern children literature- Guguta.

This little man was and is a friend to all children in Moldova - because everyone has heard or read at least one story about Guguta.

There are some funny stories about real life and fantasies of a country boy, naive, quiet and playful.

But render kindness, cleanliness of mind, that not only Moldovan children loved Guguta, but also children from dozens of countries, in language of which have been translated Spiridon Vangheli.

In 1974 he received the International Distinction Andersen for one of his books about Guguta.

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