Chisinau City Day (October)

Chisinau City Day, or Hramul Chisinaului, is a Russian Orthodox religious festival commemorating The Intercession of the Holy Virgin. It is celebrated on October 14th each year. In celebrate of the feast, the main street of city, Stefan cel Mare Blvd, is closed to traffic and instead plays host to a huge open air festival.

Traditional food and wine is plentiful, served on numerous improved terraces along the boulevard. National music, dance (especially the hora, a traditional Moldovan folk dance), and other folkloric traditions are all around. Many people wear national costumes. Vendors sell local handicrafts. In the evening, typically there is an open air concert in the Great National Assembly Square which often ends with an impressive firework display.

Every city, town, and village in Moldova has a hram day, honoring the patron saint of the locality. By tradition, on hram days family, friends, and guests are invited to festive dinners where guests also enjoy traditional Moldovan folk dancing. Visits to local hram festivals can be arranged by tour operators.

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